God Calls Christians to Speak About Our Faith In Truth.

My blog is about teaching the truth of God’s word in today’s society!

My blog, this page, is about my walk with Jesus and my faith. As Christians, we live our lives as we have been taught by our pastors, our interpretation of the living Word, and in our prayer life.

Like many of you, I attend Church, volunteer wherever I’m needed and currently attend seminary school. While my spiritual life and that of my family is strong, I felt something was lacking. In some ways, I felt that my actions did not meet with my calling.

My full-time profession is that of a teacher. Not a pastor but as a teacher of secondary school students in the public school system. I love teaching and molding young minds. As the old saying goes, “Today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow.” My profession gives me great fulfillment and a sence of purpose.

However, I feel something else has been lacking in my spiritual life for a long time. The more I prayed about this uneasy feeling, the more my spiritual calling started to speaking to me.

As I was reading 2 Corinthians 5:20, it hit me. I was not being a good follower of Christ. I failed Him in one important way. I failed to be His ambassador to the world. As 2 Corinthians 5:20 explains, “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as thought God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.”

In my walk with Christ over the last decade, my faith has largely been my own. I went to church with my family, read the Bible, and worked within the church as needed. Honestly, I thought I was doing everything in my power to honor God and all the great things He has done for me and my family. But I was wrong! So wrong…

Thinking about it, how many people we see on a daily basis at work, in a mall or grocery store that we can know for sure that man or woman is a Christian? Are we examples of the living faith? Do we actively spread the word of Christ as His ambassadors in this world? Sadly, I think the answer for many Christians is we are failing in this spiritual area of our lives.

Because of my own perceived failings in this area and through much prayer, this blog is my attempt to teach, explain and interpret the word of God from my own walk with Christ.

Now, I’m no saint or perfect example of a Christian. I have my faults. Before coming to Christ in December 2011, I had led a life that was the opposite of many of God’s teachings. Looking back to that time, God rescued me from my own self-destructive behavior. For God’s love and patience in my life, I’m forever and eternally grateful! Today, I’m married to a great Christian woman and mother to my youngest, Luke. I have a fulfilling job and God has allowed me to further my education at the Colorado Theological Seminary as a Doctoral student in ministry. More than ever, I’m grateful for what Jesus has done in my life and the future he has given me.

This blog, my personal ministry about Christ and to teach others what I have learned about Him. I hope you get something from my blog and learn about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God bless.

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